Maintaining your wood floor

Maintaining your wood floor is not as hard as you may think!

We recommend purchasing a bona cleaning kit. Which is a complete kit to easily clean, polish & protect your wood floor.


Always try to put mats down in front of kitchen sinks,ovens and doors leading to the outside. Shoes carry grit and dirt which could mark your wood floor.


Try to clean your floor at least once a week by dry mopping or vacuming and if needed mopping with clean water and a damp mop, do not over wet your mop.


Following a regular maintenance program will preserve the life of your wood floor for years. Eventually your floor may need to be recoated. A wood floor should be recoated when the original finish is showing signs of wear but before it has worn down to the bare wood. Bare wood will be stained by dirt and grime and will need to be resanded

If you have any questions on maintaning a wood floor and products we recommend, or you need expert advice on Floor Sanding, Floor Laying & Floor Restoration. Please use the form below to ask your question