Q. Will there be alot of dust?

A. Our floor sanders are 99.5% dust free and any rubbish made by us will be removed.

Q. Will moving my furniture around mark my floor.

A. Yes, we suggest you put felt pads on the bottom of all the furniture in the room, they cost very little and come in various shapes and sizes and are very easy to put on, they can be bought from B&Q and most hardwear shops.

Q. Is a wood floor easy to clean?

A. Yes very easy to clean, please look at the " maintaining your wood floor" page from the menu, it gives detailed information on how to clean and care for your new floor.

Q. I want my floor boards sanded but there are alot of nails sticking up and tacks from my old carpet, will you remove them?

A. Yes. We will remove all tacks,loose nails and gripper rods. If there are any nails sticking up, we will counter sink the nails, then any holes left will be filled with filler made from the sawdust of your floor for a perfect match. We then sand over the filled floor once again to make sure its totaly smooth.

Q. I have a large item of furniture that I cant move out of the room, can you still lay a new floor in there or restore my old floor with that item of furniture still in the room.

A. We would try our very best to meet your needs,over the years we have done serveral floors with large items remaining in the room such as pianos,where there is a will there is a way!

If you have a question that we have not answerd then please ask us using the form below, We will get back to you with expert advice with in 24 hrs