Why Wood Floors?

Wooden flooring has become the cornerstone of modern style for many homebuyers; they’re an extremely sought after commodity. It’s not surprising; they look great, they’re easy to maintain, and they have the potential to make an ordinary room standout with a bit of contemporary style.

There are many different types of wood flooring you can install and it can be done to suit all price ranges.

Before splashing out on wooden floors to replace your tired carpets, it might be worth checking underneath the existing rags. You might be surprised, there could already be quality flooring sleeping untouched, all that would be required is a sand and seal by us to have a fantastic wood floor at very little cost!

Wood Flooring is Healthy.

One of the most common triggers of an asthma attack is a sensitivity to house dust-mites - Asthma UK reports that up to 85% of all sufferers can be affected by them. They are tiny creatures that can build up around the house in dust that is harboured on any soft surface. One gram of dust can contain up to 500 dust mites and it is in fact their droppings that cause the reaction, with each mite capable of 20 to 30 droppings per day. 

One of the biggest changes you can make is to replace your carpets with wood flooring. Removing carpeting in the bedroom is the single most effective thing you can do to reduce your exposure to dust mites- and shag pile in particular is the worst type of carpet for a person allergic to them. The hard surface of wood does not allow the dense build-up of dust that you see with carpets and consequently, the breeding of dust mites is significantly reduced.
The ease of cleaning a wood floor is also a huge benefit. When you vacuum a wood floor almost all loose dirt and dust will be removed- whereas the thick and virtually absorbent material of a carpet means regular intensive cleaning is required to achieve the same level of hygiene. In addition to wiping out house-mites, wood flooring also makes it easier to eliminate many other triggers of asthma. Moulds and fungi, pet hair and pollen are eliminated much more effectively by having wood floors, further decreasing the amount of potential triggers of an asthma attack at home.