Stott Park Mansions-Cumbria

Building outsidestott park outside lake view

We have recently completed the restoration of a 115 year old Pitch Pine Parquet Floor. The floor was found under the carpet of an apartment in Stott Park Mansion on Lake Windermere Cumbria. The building dates back 300 years and formed an estate which included Stott Park Bobbin Mill. The room in which the Parquet Floor was discovered was an extension to the main building, which was added to the original building around 115 years ago and was originally a games room and the floor above it a nursery. 

On first inspection of the floor we soon discovered that all the Parquet Blocks were loose, as you walked across the floor you could hear them knocking. So we soon realized that the entire floor would need to be lifted and each block cleaned, so free of all the old bitumen that over the years had gone off.

 This is the floor after we had removed the carpet, as you can see there seems to be scorch marks in areas, this was actually the old bitumen blowing up from the underneath of the floor, as it had been down for over 100yrs it had turned to dust, so you can imagine that sitting underneath your carpet!. There were also plenty of marks and scratches, as you would expect from a floor of that age and it generally looks very tired! 

Lounge/kitchen/dining Area


Stott Park Hallway

Our First job was to start lifting each block and cleaning it ready to be stuck down again, we had to make sure the blocks were kept in order as not every block was the same size.

Stott Park lifting blocks

Stott Park lift blocks 2

After all the blocks had been cleaned and stuck back down again using cold tar,which is a traditional dipping grade bitumen/rubber adhesive , every block was fixed firmly and it was now time to start sanding. We started sanding with a 16 grade sand paper which takes off all the old lacquer and dirt, then we moved on to 36 grade and 50 grade which roughs the floor and smooths any uneven areas, then we used an 80 grade sand paper which sands it smooth and for the final sand we used a 120 grade sandpaper which polishes the sanded floor and gives it an ultra smooth finish.

As you can see by the photo below when floor sanding a parquet floor, you must sand at an angel to follow the direction of the blocks and then re-sand in the opposite direction to follow the direction of the opposing blocks, So infact the floor was sanded 10 times twice with each grade of sand paper.

Sanding Stott Park

After the process of floor sanding was complete, we then gave the floor 3 coats of water based polyurethane seal. This gives the floor a scuff resistant barrier with excellent durability. We did not use any stains or oils to colour the floor as you can see by the photo below the Pitch Pine Parquet had aged to a wonderful rich colour.

finished floor stott park

This floor had been hiding away under carpet for many years!

Mr & Mrs Higgins who own the apartment were delighted with the results. They now have a beautiful, easy to maintain floor and a healthy living environment, now that all that 100 year old dust had been removed.

Here are some more photos of restoration work we have done.