Under Floor Heating Guide

Under Floor Heating & Wood Flooring Guide

When choosing wood flooring to lay over underfloor heating, its important to check that the wood flooring has been kiln dried to humidity level 6-9 degrees centigrade, or it could result in the shrinkage and cupping of the wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring is very good for laying over underfloor heating as its more stable to constant changes in temperature.

The first thing to consider is to make sure your underfloor heating supplier knows your planning to lay wood flooring over the underfloor heating. The system will need to be set to make sure the surface temperature does not exceed 27 degrees centigrade, for this reason we would recommend specifiying a floor thermostat as well as the standard air thermostat and that the floor thermostat is set as the master control.

You must make sure the subfloor is correctly prepared i.e level, moisture checked etc. Once the underfloor heating has been fitted, you must run the heating for 3 weeks at normal room temperature to ensure the evaporation of latent humidity. If its summer and the room temperature is too high to activate the thermostat, then you will need to over ride the thermostat so that the heating comes on to warm the screed. We understand that it is not ideal in the summer months to have your heating on and that it could become quite uncomfortable but its very important to do this before laying any type of wood flooring over it.

When you have had your heating on for 3 weeks, check the water temperature is set to 40-45 degrees centigrade which is normal for wood flooring, also check the floor thermostat is set to 27 degrees centigrade. It is now time to ACCLIMATISE your wood flooring. You can do this by storing the wood flooring in the room where is it to be fitted for 7-14 days. Its important to stack the wood flooring in a maner to allow air flow around the boards, a criss-cross fashion is perfect. If your wood flooring is tightly packed only the outer boards will acclimatise.

The night before the wood flooring is to be fitted, the heating should be turned down to allow the screed to cool, you should leave the heating turned down whilst the wood flooring is being fitted. Once the wood flooring is fitted and complete, you should turn up the heating by 1 degree a day untill you reach normal running temperature.